Thank You

Thank you to everyone who voted for my Dad (John W. Diercks) for the Penn State Board of Trustees.  He received 2,133 votes and came in 10th of 39 candidates.


Upon Further Review in State College Recap

My Dad attended Upon Further Review in State College.  Recap Follows:
I really enjoyed the program — very informative.
I found the most interesting participant was Rob Tribeck who is the legal counsel to PS4RS. He pointed out the extremely poor job that came out of the Grand Jury in its summary. There were simply false statements added to the summary that were not part of testimony to the Grand Jury. The worst was that “Mike McQueary was an extremely credible witness. The reason this was so bad was that there actually were two Grand Juries that heard testimony. The first heard Mike; then the second was formed but never heard Mike testify even though they added the statement to the Grand Jury summary.
The Grand Jury summary also failed to include the testimony from Mike’s dad and Dr. Dranov in the summary. They testified that no sexual abuse occurred based on what Mike told them the night of the incident.
Ray Blehar was also very interesting. He pointed out the many inconsistencies in the evidence leading up to Sandusky trial. The investigators also missed many clues that would have led them to the victims much faster.
Again it was pointed out that either Erickson or Emerett lied in their public statements about the death penalty.
Eileen Morgan compared the graduation rates at LSU when Emerett was there to the graduation rates for Penn State for the same years — about 40% to 80% for football.
After attending today and listening to the presentations, I would be surprised if Attorney General Kane doesn’t completely throw the case against Curley, Shultz, and Spanier out of court based on her review of the whole mess.